About US

1. Our story

Big Bite was established on March 15, 1998, a subject called “Enjoy your Food” located at Student City Center, focusing mainly on the Fast Food and Pizzeria sector. By studying the market demand, we realized there was a high demand for this kind of food so on December 16,2000 we opened a second subject at Abdyl Frasheri, called Big Bite, focused on fast food, pizza and restaurant.
Satisfied customers and growing sales, forced us to open the third subject by Elbasan Street, near the US Embassy, in April 2004. By this time we had a staff of 70 employees already.
In June 2009 I decided to open the fourth subject, located at Gorge W. Bush street.
Trustworthy customers, high quality of service, competitive prices were and remain the main factors that Big Bite has become leader in the field of food service. To structure all of these increased demands, we created the administration, central storage room and also a catering working place (to deal with the preparation of half-finished products for our subjects).
Catering is one of our most powerful fields, as we are unbeatable in terms of capacity, rich and fresh menus, and fast service. Our biggest partners are: Miss Globe, Miss Albania, “Kryegjyshata Bektashiane”, American Embassy, “Netet e Klipit Shqiptar”etc.
Big Bite offers their customers the Big Bite Delevery service. We deliver food at home, at work or anywhere else, at any time and anywhere. Availability 24/7, speed, our correctness and our punctuality have satisfied a large part of Tirana market.
Our biggest goal is to go even further than the Albanian market, and study of the market has shown there is a large room to extend this service to the rest of Albania, the Balkans and Europe.
Today we have a workforce of 100 employees ,proud to be part of a big company. Our success is dedicated to quality of our products with rich caloric values, very healthy and unique such as: Pita-Pita, New Pita Club, Greek Chicken, Greek Mac, Pita Shots etc. Also in the kitchen we have our own special soups and other specialties that are exclusively ours. We are currently expanding our range of products by launching the the original American Hot Dog, and the American Chicken fillets (organic products).
Our costumers are of all group ages. Tourists are also part of our costumers since at Big Bite they can find anything.

2.Our journey towards greatness

Since day one we have been dedicated to our products and our main goal has always been to be the best at what we do. Every day in all of our subjects we have well qualified people, routines and practices in place to make the best choices that lead to quality food and a more satisfied community. We are an innovative company, always with the desire to move forward. From our original business model, to the invention of blending of the right ingredients and happy meals, we only worry about doing things for tomorrow better than today.
We know that the most meaningful way to increase business and create value for all of our stakeholders is serving more customers as quickly as possible. That is why we are focused on giving consumers what they really want: hot food, delicious, and fast service – with a general experience and value for their money that meets their growing expectations. The main bases of our growth strategy are:
a) Maintaining- Keeping the clients that we already have, strengthening and extending our areas of service which is focused in lunch, dinner, and on family occasions.
b) Regaining- Winning back our lost customers by improving the taste and quality of our food, creating more comfortable and welcoming environments and offering strong and better values.
c) Digital Communication – Re-formation of our interactions with the customer. Understanding if they are enjoying our products, are they being served fast or rejecting to buy our products by following their opinions on social networks.
d) Delivery- Bringing the Big Bite experience to more consumers – in their homes, their workplaces, and more at the fastest speed.
We are proud of the expansions we have made in recent years – and with high confidence and guided by the above points, we are on our fastest way to greatness and will be the best Big Bite we have ever been for our customers.

3. Our Responsibility leads us to better opportunities

In order for people to feel good to visit our location, they should feel good about our food, our employees, our facilities, the company and the impact we have on the market. Therefore, our responsibility in the market is to measure our products by making sure we have fresh, high quality and healthy food served hot for our costumers. We also measure our responsibilities by making sure our employees maintain their uniforms, and providing security by having secure surveillance cameras and security police at any time in each subject. These responsibilities have given us the great opportunity of expanding, embracing each client, and allowing us to have ambitions for extending beyond the borders, getting closer to greatness.

4. Quality food, our key!

Why is it important?
Food is the heart of our business. We are proud to be the choice of many families, who in full confidence choose Big Bite for their children’s meals. We are improving more and more each day by setting more goals for taste and quality of our foods. We are introducing more options for our costumers.
Along with our suppliers we encourage our expertise and our passion combined together to direct Big Bite towards a continuous path of improvement. Food safety is the number one priority in Big Bite. We work with leading food companies, academics and regulatory agencies to advance standards and food safety practices.
We have chosen the European market, the prestigious Select Bakery in Greece, to provide for us our primary supplies such as bread, pies, etc.
We ensure our food safety by applying food-based safety standards and risk, from farm to fork. The Big Bite Food Safety Principles guides food handling practices throughout the supply chain and on the way to the counter in our restaurants.

Certificate and Evaluation

“Happiness is the only thing that can be distributed without possessing”

“Big Bite is proud of being a partner of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tirana, and supports this institution in its efforts to change the lives of thousands of children through various fairs. As part of the family of regular “All for Children” fairs, we believe that this is the best investment your business or society can make. ”