About US

The B@B Food Service company known as the BIG BITE was founded on December 16, 1998.
From the single branch now Big Bite has three restaurants in Tirana.
Food quality ,fast service , competitive prices have been the core of our success.
Along three restaurants,Big Bite comes close to costumers with the delivey service .Our restaurants now have some brands that give echoes to our cooking tradition like :
Pita Pita,Pita Club,New Pita Club ,Pita Shots,Greek Mak ,Greek Chicken .
Big Bite is not limited only on Fast-Food cooking but there is also a rich menu of different kinds of soups,spaghetti,pasta,penne,tortellini ,tagliatelle risotto,pizza and various gourmet specialties.The warm and familiar place has caused to adapt various category ages.
Finally Big Bite comes with the new Catering service .With a rich menu of cooked meals specifically for banquets .Our slogan for your holidays is “……for your holiday to remain unforgettable” Trust us your holidays ,we assure you with delicious dishes that you will not forget .

Our mission and vision

Big Bite is the most popular brand in Catering sector.Our mission is to bring joy and smile in to the customers lifestyle,by offering them delicious and healthy food ,prepared and served with care ,fast and quality service in a pleasant atmosphere.Our 15 years of successful experience in this sector signify that customers care and their desires are the ones that guide us in our daily work ,aimed at improving the food quality and diversifying it by offering perfect service and by create e pleasant atmosphere
Big Bite
-will continue to offer the most delicious, healthy and nutritious meals prepared in accordance with international quality and standards;

-will continue to offer the quality of service from our trained staff, working according to our unique Big Bite standards, whose emblems are smile, hospitality, and customer care.

Certificate and Evaluation

“Happiness is the only thing that can be distributed without possessing”

“Big Bite is proud of being a partner of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry in Tirana, and supports this institution in its efforts to change the lives of thousands of children through various fairs. As part of the family of regular “All for Children” fairs, we believe that this is the best investment your business or society can make. ”